New Hardened UPS from EATON Keeps plant running

New Hardened UPS from EATON Keeps plant running

The ruggedised Eaton 9EHD range offers 16 UPS models for harsh industrial sites

If you are responsible for keeping power supplied to vital industrial equipment and you have been having difficulty keeping UPS operating reliably in harsh working environments, your troubles are now over thanks to a new ruggedised industrial UPS from Eaton. The new 9EHD UPS family with its IP rating and conformal coating protecting its sensitive electronics has been  purpose-designed  to  protect  equipment in the toughest industrial plant. The range has two models: the 9EHD-31, a single phase output UPS and the 9EHD-33, a three phase output UPS with online double conversion.

In all there are 16 units to satisfy needs for ever-expanding loads. Ranging from 10 –100 kVA there are seven single-phase-out 9EHD-31 units specifically designed to provide critical power protection for a wide range of applications, and nine three-phase-out 9EHD-33 units which combine high reliability and high power availability with a low total cost of ownership. These range from 10 – 200 kVA.

More Protection

Eaton’s Power Quality division sales manager, Chris Westall, says the new industrial uninterruptible power systems provide effective power management and the highest level of protection for the most demanding applications, no matter how harsh the environment.

“They are not just ruggedised in their casing and hardened in their electronics to withstand dusty and corrosive environments, they also include design innovations that take critical industrial power protection to a new level."

“The Eaton 9EHD is the first IGBT-based UPS available in Australasia. This delivers exceptionally fast and highly efficient electronic switching, and outperforms standard UPSs adapted for industrial use.”

The Eaton 9EHD is designed to meet the most stringent industry standards. The  double  conversion  online  topology provides the highest level of protection available by isolating the output power from all input anomalies – and it switches to double-conversion  operation  in  less  than  four milliseconds.

The 9EHD also differs from other high efficiency UPSs by providing surge suppression for the load and by detecting the location of faults, whether utility or load, and taking the appropriate action without shutting down the UPS.

Greater Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest point of difference is cost savings generated by the more advanced design.

The high system efficiency reduces utility cost, extends battery run times and ensures cooler operating conditions. But where the greatest savings from the transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry are being seen is in the 9EHD’s capability of achieving up to a 98 percent efficiency rating – without sacrificing reliability. Eaton’s renowned Energy Saver System makes it one of the most energy-efficient UPSs in its class while still providing maximum load protection.

Standard industrial UPSs typically achieve only 80 percent efficiency, so much less input power is wasted by the 9EHD.

“If you are considering an upgrade to a more efficient UPS or you are not enjoying trouble-free performance from your current solution, switching to Eaton’s new 9EHD will not only solve your problems and increase reliability, but also provide a good ROI through energy savings and lower the total cost of ownership.”

Adding to these savings is a better power factor, says Chris Westall.

“Inbuilt active power factor correction provides 0.99 input power factor, 0.9 output power factor and less than five percent ITHD. This eliminates interference with other critical equipment and it also means you don’t need to oversize generators and cabling.

“With such a high power factor achieved by design, you don’t have to worry about reactive power compensation either – or harmonic filtering.”

Increased Reliability

Where you need to run multiple uninterruptible power modules (UPMs), Eaton has similarly taken the risks to performance reliability out of the equation.

Eaton’s design engineers have incorporated their patented Hot Sync wireless paralleling technology. Proven in thousands of systems worldwide, Hot Sync enables paralleled UPMs to operate completely independently, preventing a domino effect with one module affecting or interfering with another.

There is also no system-level single point of failure. With Hot Sync, any standard UPS can be used in a parallel system without modification and with no additional circuitry required for inter-module communication. Each UPS module only needs to monitor its own output to remain in complete synchronisation with the other modules. This means the 9EHD can be configured with inherent redundancy to avoid under-loading and the reduced efficiency and reliability that goes with it.

The Hot Sync system uses a peer-to-peer control architecture and functions automatically without any dependence on centralised, external control. Up to six units can be paralleled together.

Kinder On Batteries

As part of a drive to reduce maintenance costs, Eaton has developed a better solution to the constant trickle-charging of batteries which degrades them and reduces their service life by as much as 50 percent.

Eaton’s ABM technology uses sophisticated sensing circuitry and an innovative three-stage charging

technique that extends the useful service life of UPS batteries while optimising battery recharge time. It also tells users in advance when the battery service life is ending so batteries can be hot-swapped without ever having to shut down connected equipment.

Where ABM comes into its own is in the way it charges the batteries. The batteries get a two-day boost charge, then are effectively resting with no charging current for the next 28 days. It then repeats the cycle. This means the batteries are being charged only when needed, increasing battery life by reducing the corrosion caused by constant charging.

Battery supply and servicing is a strength of YHI Power Systems. With our Vision and C&D Technologies agencies combined with Eaton UPS, we can offer a complete UPS sales and service package, customising batteries for each location.

We can evaluate your current UPS set-up and if your existing batteries are okay we can use them.

The 9EHD is easily and quickly serviced and provides helpful features of ease of use and greater reliability.

The large LCD graphically displays the status of the UPS and provides users with easy access to measurements, controls and settings. The 9EHD date and time stamps disruptions and can log up to 512 events.

The diagnostic self-testing is user friendly, showing easy-to-understand faults.

The new generation topology with high frequency switching means there is less impact for the capacitors to absorb and smaller capacitors can be used, which last the life of the UPS. By upgrading to Eaton 9EHD you also don’t have to worry about capacitor replacement.

This UPS life is extended by the physical protection designed into the robust 9EHD compared to a typical UPS adapted for industrial use. With an IP32 rating as standard and an optional upgrade to IP42 where there is a bit of liquid in the environment, we can provide you with a high performing reliable solution.

For Further Information on the Eaton 9EHD Industrial UPS

Contact Aaron Gillon, Senior Sales Engineer, YHI Power Systems Mobile: 027 2888 922 | Email:

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