Enphase Apps Built To Help You Through Your Sales Process

Enphase Apps Built To Help You Through Your Sales Process

Enphase apps are built to help you through your sales process, from the customer conversations at the kitchen table to the ongoing management of an Enphase System.

The Think Smarter Solar App

Specifically made for the kitchen table conversation, this app highlights the benefits of the Enphase system and includes:

  • An overview of how the Enphase system works
  • Why and Enphase System is the right choice for homeowners
  • Reference systems for comparison

Built for tablets, this app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

The Enphase MyEnlighten App

Let your customers test drive the Enphase experience by showing the MyEnlighten App. This gives customers the chance to see how easily they can monitor their system from any mobile device.

  • See today's system performance at a glance
  • Brag about the system on social media
  • View historical production and weather to analyse performance
  • Receive automated reports

MyEnlighten connects system owners to their Enphase System and is available in both the iTunes App Storeand Google Play Store.

The Enphase Installer Toolkit Mobile App

Designed to help you quickly and effectively install an Enphase System, the Installer Toolkit App helps you to:

  • Easily configure the Envoy
  • Quickly confirm microinverter communications and power production
  • Email and installation summary report
  • Build, scan, and sync a virtual array layout

Speed up your installations without compromising quality. Download the app from either iTunes App Storeor Google Play Store.

The Enphase Enlighten Manager App

Remotely manage and maintain multiple Enphase Systems from any mobile device with the Enlighten Manager App. The app enables you to:

  • View detailed data from a fleet of Enphase Systems down to the individual module
  • Compare actual performance against modeled performance
  • Remotely diagnose and resolve system performance issues
  • Prioritise maintenance and prevent unnecessary truck rolls

Streamline your operations and maintenance processes by downloading the app from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

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