Delta Launches its New Energy Storage and Efficient Technology Solutions at All Energy

Delta Launches its New Energy Storage and Efficient Technology Solutions at All Energy


Delta will showcase a broad spectrum of energy-efficient technologies that enable high standards of energy conservation in Australia, at the All Energy 2015 Expo in Melbourne on 7& 8 October. For the first time in Australia, Delta will launch its new battery storage technology with the Hybrid H5, featuring a RPI E5 hybrid inverter as well as an external battery cabinet equipped with a 7.4 kWh Li-ion battery.

Also to feature, are two of Delta’s most popular three-phase PV inverters, the RPI M30A and M6A which can be power limited to 5kW output, making it one of the most versatile 3 phase 5kW inverters in Australia.

Tackling efficiency in the industrial market, Delta’s Power Quality technology featuring a live demonstration of the Active Power Filter series, which corrects harmonics and improves power factor in real-time to an overall efficiency exceeding 96%.

With other product features such as the wall-mount AC EV Charger and LED lighting solutions, All Energy 2015 is set to be Delta’s most diverse product showcase in Australia.

Energy Storage Solutions

The Hybrid E5 energy storage system is composed of the RPI E5 hybrid inverter as well as an external battery cabinet equipped with a 7.4 kWh Li-ion battery, a smart meter and smart energy management box. The Hybrid E5 storage system is designed for new PV systems and features a high charging efficiency up to 97 %. This is made possible since the E5 inverter can send DC electricity generated by the PV system directly to the battery, without additional power conversion steps or equipment needed.

Because the E5 inverter and battery cabinet ship as two separate compact pieces in the system, greater flexibility and simplified installation of the equipment are an added benefit. The smart meter monitors energy flow and sends the data back to the smart energy manager box, the intelligence in the system. The smart energy manager box not only controls the E5 inverter and battery functionality in an optimized way but it also serves as a gateway to the internet and provides complete energy and battery data coming from the system for online viewing. The data from the box is sent over the internet via a router and can then be viewed on the SOLIVIA Monitor application from an internet-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The Hybrid E5 system features:

  • High peak efficiency (PV to Grid) of 97.2 % and nominal continuous power output of 5.0 kW for the E5 hybrid inverter.
  • Power electronics are combined in one enclosure featuring 2 MPPT to connect 5 kW of PV panels, 125…250 VDC battery in/output and AC in/output, simplifying installation and connection.
  • Energy management box to control and optimize the system and the power usage of the owner. It provides all power consumption and battery status data to the user online.
  • Built-in customized energy management modes for different customer requirements.

Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters:

Delta will officially launch its latest 30kW version in the 3‑phase range of the RPI Series photovoltaic (PV) inverters: the M30A. The complete RPI series extends from 3 to 50kW solutions, the most efficient of which can reach up to 98.7% peak efficiency. The RPI series also features one of the widest input voltage ranges on the market, and an incredibly low start-up voltage (from 100Vdc), allowing maximum power conversion, beginning earlier and finishing later in the day than most leading inverter brands. In addition, its advanced topology allows for more responsive MPP tracking, enabling them to react more rapidly to changing light conditions, further increasing the system’s overall output.

Industrial Automation – Power Quality:

Delta’s power quality technology will be a key feature at the event, with a live demonstration of Delta’s Active Power Filter (APF) Series. This device monitors load current and filters harmonics in real-time with total response time of <20ms to enable improved power factor of up to 96%, reducing harmonics (THDi) <5%, thereby lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs for industrial systems. The SVG 2000 Series ensures power factors >0.96 and boasts over 96% efficiency, thus, minimizing levels of power loss. Its modular design saves installation space by 20%~30% by eliminating the need for capacitor and reactor in the system.

Our power quality devices are highly adaptable to several applications in the Australian water, minerals and metals, power generation, petrochemical, construction, telecommunications, infrastructure, transportation and medical industries.

Wall Mount EV Chargers:

Delta’s new-generation 7.2 kW AC charger features smart grid capabilities for EVs, which are available with several advanced functions including: delayed timer, RFID card reader, and the option of wired and wireless network communication systems (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and optional 3G, GRPS interfaces). The lightweight and aesthetic design makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Delta will exhibit its state-of-the-art green technology during All Energy 2015 Australia on 7 & 8 October at Booth 1717, MelbourneConventionand Exhibition Centre. All Energy Australia is one of the most prestigious business-to-business trade events in the clean energy sector in the country. Delta hopes that the diversity of products and solutions it will be featuring at the event, which is run in conjunction with Australian Sustainability Week, will inspire people to actively reduce their energy consumption across Australia.

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